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How to Be an Entrepreneur with No Money, No Time, and No Ideas


Dear Friend:

You attended our “How to Be an Entrepreneur with No Money, No Time, and No Ideas” event for a reason. Maybe you are looking for a new job. Or perhaps you are looking for the right business contacts. Are you trying to land the deal of your career?

We hope our event will help you achieve your goal. What did you learn? Who did you meet?

NAAAP San Jose is a non-profit that provides professional development, networking and volunteer experiences to Silicon Valley’s Asian and Pacific Islander community.

We are looking for bright and energetic professionals who want to take the next step in their careers and make a difference in the community. Along the way, you will gain new skills and make valuable contacts.

Please contact us today at to learn how you can access these career-changing resources.

You can download Dale’s notes and links for the event here: DOWNLOAD

See you at our next event!

Alex, Angie, Christina, Marynka, Megan, Nicholas, Ray, Ricky and Tim

NAAAP San Jose Leadership Team

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