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Feeling, Learning and Thriving: A Conversation with Arthur Kanai of Atlas Project

NAAAP San Jose and Atlas Project will show you how to reach your goals by enhancing your emotional intelligence.

By Alex Ling

Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world, is filled with smart people that excel at using the logical part of their brains. It’s a shame that many of these people are not as adept at harnessing their emotions. Studies have shown that people that know how to balance their intellect with their feelings outperform their peers.

This balancing ability is called "emotional intelligence" and it can be learned. On June 21, NAAAP San Jose will present a workshop at WeWork Valley Towers that will show you how to enhance your emotional intelligence and reach your career and personal goals.

The workshop will be taught by Arthur Kanai, a founder of Atlas Project. Atlas Project is a non-profit that seeks to create peace, leadership and love in the world by empowering people to experience newfound levels of freedom, discover new possibilities and live their life’s purpose.

Arthur is passionate about helping people unlock their potentials. We asked him some questions about his life and his groundbreaking work. Here’s what he had to say:

Please introduce yourself

My Name is Arthur Kanai. 32 years old. Los Angeles native. And I am a closet lover of K-POP!

Why did you move to the Bay Area?

Throughout my 20s, I was thirsty for knowledge and information of how to increase my productivity and effectiveness in the work place. I knew I had a lot of gifts and talents but I wanted to hack the code of how to accelerate my career goals and create greater results. It seemed like there were always some people that just knew how to get the raises, the promotions, and the positive feedback from leadership, and I wanted to hack that code. I wanted those results, too! I consumed all books, podcasts, documentaries, seminars in order to grow myself in order to grow my results. It was on this journey that I not only cracked the code, but found a passion for sharing this as well. I am passionate about seeing the people around me being authors of their life and creating the results they know they want vs being an observer and watching life happen. That’s why I’m here!

What do you like about Silicon Valley?

The food! I’m loving the diversity and quality of ethnic foods! I actually prefer driving outside of San Francisco for my Chinese food fix! I’m also loving the people I meet! It feels like the smartest people in the world come to the Bay Area!

What is Atlas? What services does it provide?

ATLAS is a non-profit, leadership development training, and emotional intelligence accelerator. We have world class trainings and workshops that are usually reserved for managers, directors and C-levels of billion dollar companies and offer them to the public. We are passionate that EVERYONE gets to have access to this level of training and information, not just the few.

What is emotional intelligence?

Simply put, emotional intelligence is the balance between the emotional and rational brain. Around the turn of the century, Harvard conducted research to determine who would excel in the new millennium. Their conclusion determined that as technology increased and higher education was more available, it was emotional intelligence that would separate high functional individuals from their peers and would allow them to thrive.

Why is emotional intelligence important to professionals?

Modern science has given us a better understanding of how our brains work. One part of brain is the logic and intellectual part where we learn our hard skills, language, facts, etc. Then there's the emotional/feeling brain. So although most of us are well versed and educated in the logic portion of the brain, research shows that 75%–90% of our interaction and communication come from the emotional part of the brain. So by enhancing our emotional intelligence, it allows us to become more effective in all areas of our life 90% of the time! So many people, especially in the Bay thrive in the logic portion of the brain. We have some of the smartest people in the world here. Emotional intelligence is about training the emotional part of our brains to match!

Tell us about a client that improved his/her professional life after going through your program

There are so many examples of this! A great example is Elizabeth Yang, NAAAP National President. She is the mother of two, a wife, runs her own successful law firm, just published a book with best-selling author Jack Canfield, AND just became the President of NAAAP! When we all have 24 hours in a day, somehow, Elizabeth seems to have 50!

Another client went from sleeping on his sister’s coach to becoming a New York Times bestseller, making millions of dollars, and now one of the most sought after entrepreneurs in the world!

You created a workshop developed specifically for NAAAP San Jose. What will our attendees learn at the session?

Our goal is to give you EVERYTHING we got in the short amount of time we have together. Really for me, I want to address a struggle that I used to go through. There were times where I felt like I had all the tools and hard skills to offer at work, only to see someone else get the raise or promotion, or on the nice side of my bosses. I found myself being frustrated and sitting back wondering why they didn’t see me or see value in what I had to offer. It was when I started working on my self awareness and the tools, that it became me that started to be seen and accelerate. I want to share that!

What do you think about NAAAP San Jose?

I love it! We are our environment, and it is so crucial to have a like-minded community to support each other and to serve as a sounding board. Life’s a marathon and it so much easier when we have friends and family to support each other! I’m happy to be in partnership with you!

Please visit the Eventbrite site now for tickets: The workshop is free for NAAAP members and $10 for non-members.

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