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Making Connections, One Table at Time

By Alex Ling

NAAAP San Jose Asian Networking

NAAAP SJ Networking in Mountain View

NAAAP San Jose’s (NAAAP SJ’s) Nicholas Yip explains why smaller is better when you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Nicholas Yip, NAAAP SJ’s Director of Community Relations, is still excited.

“Tonight’s dinner was great!” he exclaims. “We really got to know each other.”

Nicholas organized our chapter’s latest networking dinner. Tonight’s event was held at Amarin Thai, a highly regarded Thai restaurant in Mountain Views’ hip downtown area. Amarin is known for its authentic and tasty Thai food.

NAAAP SJ: What dishes did you order?

NY: We ordered pad thai, spicy noodles, crab cakes and—my favorite—a coconut milk soup called tom kha kai.

NAAAP SJ: Wow, you really liked the soup, huh?

NY: Yeah, it’s sweet and delicious. I wish I had more of it…

NAAAP SJ: How many people showed up?

NY: We filled up our reservation. Five people showed up.

NAAAP SJ: Oh, we’re aiming for small groups, right?

NY: Yes, you get the best networking results when you really get to know people. I’ve been to lots of networking events. I always end the night with lots of business cards, but no idea who they belong to. If you sit down and have a meal with people, you get to hear their stories. You will remember them better. Maybe you can think of a way to help them.

NAAAP SJ: What kinds of jobs did the people that went to dinner have?

NY: One was unemployed, one in health care, one in tech and two in finance.

NAAAP SJ: Shout out to the unemployed person!

NY: Yeah, if you’re unemployed or looking for a new job, you really need to get out there and make connections.

NAAAP SJ: Especially in a tight job market like Silicon Valley. What did you talk about tonight?

NY: What we’re doing with our careers. We were trying to find ways to improve ourselves through our careers. Another topic that was discussed was job hunting. Some of the people aren’t NAAAP members, so we also talked about NAAAP and our programs.

NAAAP SJ: [HIGH FIVE] Cool! Which ones?

NY: Our networking events, community service events and professional development education. They seemed excited.

NAAAP SJ: What did you gain from this event?

NY: I got some more insight into people’s perspectives on their own careers. We all want to move up the career ladder.

NAAAP SJ: Why did you volunteer to organize this event?

NY: Because I’m a people person. I organized this small group event so people can get together and know each other better.

NAAAP SJ: Thanks Nick!

NY: Sure. I like the people I met tonight. I hope NAAAP can help them find what they’re looking for.

NAAAP SJ: Aaaaand maybe another bowl of coconut milk soup?

NY: [laughs] Yeah, that would be nice, too.

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-Alex, Christina, Ricky, Megan, Marynka, Nicholas and Tim

NAAAP San Jose Leadership Team


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