San Jose

Leadership Team

At NAAAP San Jose, our mission is to "build leaders". And, our organizational structure supports this mission. With the exception of our President, our hierarchy is intentionally very "flat". As volunteers, we each wear many different hats, and we help other team members whenever there is a need. For that reason, we do not have any official titles (actually, we like to have fun with our creative titles). Together, we are creating an organization that is bigger and more impactful than any one of us. With your help, we can do great things.

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Marynka Rojas
Chief Visioning Officer, President


Ricky Chan
Christina Lee
Event Organizer
Alex Ling
Minister of Newbie Happiness
Ray Wong
Master Handshaker
Tim Wong
Super Hero
Megan Yee
Team Maximizer
Nicholas Yip
Silent Healer
Angela Yu
Networking Maven

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